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Our Story

There once was an old world where the land was plentiful: rulers of empires, pursuers of passion, gilded in gold and covered in love and compassion. Our jewelry gives back in ways one couldn't have imagined.  One day we will return to the empires we once knew. “Imagine If Jewlery Could Change The World”

Our people come from land, luxury, and love no matter their circumstances. 

Est. In 2021, is a Black-Owned jewelry company that believes that everyone can have access to luxury. The name Kanem is derived from one of Africa's most enduring and prosperous empires.

The name supports the brand's mission "Rich Timeless Pieces that Build Long-Lasting Empires," because not only does Kanem offer beautiful statement and everyday jewelry, but a portion of every purchase goes back to fund our company’s global service initiatives. Proceeds are donated to organizations that help build our empires, aka our communities. While also elevating real and authentic community stories through The Kanem Blog.

~Adrian Allen

Founder/CEO of Kanem Bornu Jewelry  

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Founder Adrian Allen
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Adrian Allen
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